Easy Fashion for Busy Parents

Treat Yourself

The second largest shopping season of the year is back to school season, and many people focus on stocking their kids up on the latest fashions; but what about getting yourself some new fashion as well? The school year has many opportunities for parents to get involved in school activities, so why not get yourself a mama bear shirt to strut your stuff and the next semesters bake sale.

As parent we often spend our time buying for our kids, and regulating our own purchases to the back burner. But as moms we can have so much fun with our fashion choices. There are a plethora of t-shirt for moms designs out there, in addition to options to create your own online. This give you the freedom to wear a great style tees, with a variety of funny and witty sayings and logos. Furthermore, t-shirts aren’t the only option, crochet beanies, cold weather accessories, and baseball caps are all customization options to help you stand out.

Mama Bear Shirt Pride

While many people might read ‘mama bear shit’ and think it silly, you should consider it a badge of pride. Being a mother is one of the more rewarding accomplishments in life, and it takes incredible strength of mind, compassion, and body to raise children to be the best they can be. Be proud of that title, because you are strong, and you deserve fashion that projects that to the world.

T-shirts and other simple accessories are the perfect easy option for looking great, while being a mom on the go. When your busy getting the kids ready in the morning, it’s not easy to coordinate an outfit, and head out looking like a runway model, but when your chasing kids, no one wants to wear stilettos anyway. A stock of t-shirts, and a trusty baseball cap are essential for an effortless, but fashionable look, when you don’t have time to spend.

We want our kids to go to school dressed for success, and confident each time they head to class. But as parents we need to allow ourselves the opportunity for easy confident fashion as well. This school season let’s treat ourselves with some girl fashion so that we can be the coolest chaperones on the next field trip.

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