Easy and Breezy Why Custom T-Shirts Are Becoming So Popular

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Some of the most popular items to sell or give away during an event are custom screen printed t shirts that have an organization’s logo or name, slogans, or design on them. Personalized apparel can be found at marathons, concerts, summer camps–you name it, and there’s probably been a shirt made for it. Almost 90% of people wear a T-shirt every day and since their conception in 1920, the T-shirt market has grown into a $2 billion industry. Not bad for such a basic item! Custom screen printed t shirts are versatile, a good marketing strategy, and even great for simply commemorating an event. They can also be used as a uniform–you can often identify who belongs to an organization by the unified T-shirts they’re all wearing.
Why T-Shirts?
T-shirts are built for comfort, usually out of 100% cotton, polyester, or a blend of cotton/polyester. They tend to be either lightweight (for summer or for men’s undershirts) or a little more heavy duty for regular wear. They’re easy to throw in the wash and can go with anything–skirts, shorts, pants, etc. Additionally, wearing a T-shirt can also help protect your skin; a regular T-shirt can keep out half of the sun’s rays!
What’s the Stats?
Believe it or not, about 95% of Americans wear T-shirts at some point in their life. Additionally, at least once a week, of the Americans who regularly wear T-shirts, almost 90% put on a T-shirt. bout 90% of Americans have at least one T-shirt in their drawers or closets that they just can’t get rid of because of the memories or sentimental value attached to it. So if you’re wondering how to justify the expense of creating T-shirts for your next event, you may want to think about it seriously now! Custom printed apparel with your message, logo, design, or name can go far. Indeed, if the design is unique enough, you may even get people stopping you on the street to inquire about your organization or business!
What Are The Most Popular Sellers?
Big buyers of screen printed tshirts tend to be large organizations, like colleges, fraternities and sororities, high school sports teams, etc. Many businesses tend to opt for custom embroidered polo shirts or custom company shirts that look a little more professional but are still matching in color, design, and logo. It’s a great way to identify and unify a distinct group of people. Other times you may see a large number of matching shirts is during class trips, when chaperones are desperate to pick their charges out of a large number of people.
What Do Costs Look Like?
For custom screen printed t shirts, the general rule is: “The more the merrier.” Many T-shirt companies who do custom made shirts like to do them in bulk, which drives the cost down. (This is typically why larger organizations opt for T-shirts, since they tend to be less expensive.) For specific colors, fonts, or designs, the company may add an extra cost. Additionally, some companies charge per letter, so you want to keep things concise.
For a great way to represent or denote your organization or event, consider ordering custom made T-shirts. It can be a great keepsake in later years and practical, easy wear now!

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