Fashionable Handbags are a Woman’s Number one Accessory

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If you are a lady looking for a good deal on designer bags, I may have the answer for you. Authentic wholesale designer bags can be the option for you! When designer bags are bought through wholesale they are usually cheaper when distributed to the consumer. So, when you buy wholesale handbags you are still going to get top quality without paying top price. Fashion handbags are all the rage, they never will go out of style for the most part, and totally worth a little investment. From 2008 to 2013, the US handbag and luggage industry saw a growth of about 1.2% annually. This is definitely proving the survey that 22% of woman decide to splurge on designer handbags if they can only choose one designer accessory. Your purse goes with your everywhere. It is your main accessory so why wouldn’t you take the time to splurge on it. With so many incredible handbag styles your only struggle should be which designer to choose from. After all, in the United States, the average number of handbags a woman has is six. Might as well make them fashion handbags. Authentic wholesale designer bags should not be hard to come by when there are about 517 manufacturing plants in the US whose sole purpose is the production of handbags and purses. Anytime I am looking to update my wardrobe, I always start with my purse. It is the one accessory that is going to come with me just about everywhere and it always makes a statement. Do you want your statement to be frumpy and torn up or classic and fashionable? Not a hard question really. In 2011, the handbag and purse industry was worth about $35 million in the US. I’d like to think I helped that number grow by just a little bit. Even still, you don’t have to give up eating for a month to get your hands on a designer handbag. Keep your eyes open for stores that purchase wholesale and you will be able to get your dream bag at a reasonable price.

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