Four Great Ideas for Using Shirts for Fundraising

Custom school shirts

There are times when a school finds that it needs to raise money. Unfortunately, many schools are facing budget problems which makes receiving funds harder than it usually is. In addition, schools want to do what they can to help out their local communities. Whether it is used for the school or another community in need, fundraisers are a great way to help out. However, some schools are not aware of how to really get funds coming in fast. One popular selling item at many fundraisers are custom designed school pride apparel. Here are four great ways that t shirts for fundraising can create many sales for your cause.

  1. Homecoming Events: Homecoming has been a long standing tradition in most school systems. Typically, homecoming week is when the school’s sports team will play in their hometown. Emotions will run high during this week, as all students want to see their team win the big homecoming game. Setting up fundraisers during homecoming week is a great idea for your school. Creating custom t shirts for fundraising during homecoming week can really increase the success raising funds. Your school’s yearbook will look great with a homecoming section with students in wonderfully designed custom apparel.
  2. Spirit Week: Sometimes, schools will have specialized spirit weeks. This special school week doesn’t always have to happen during homecoming week. School spirit wear is a popular attire choice all year round. Some schools will have special spirit weeks that take place at quieter times throughout the year. Recent research shows that 89% of school principals believe it is important to build school spirit, especially because they thought it was tied to better overall student achievement. You can create different shirts for students to wear on different days of the week. Another great idea for using t shirts for fundraising is to have pictures taken of students wearing these shirts. Spirit wear shirts are always a must have item during spirit week.
  3. Sporting Events: Having custom made t shirts for fundraising displayed during weekly sporting events is always a great idea. Schools typically have different sports teams that play throughout a school year. Big sporting games in your town can be a great opportunity to raise funds for the local community. For instance, having an area at your gymnasium where custom t shirts are sold can provide your school with big bucks. Tables can be set up during lunch and recess hours, in order to help students raise more funds. Custom made t shirts can be used in a wide variety of ways with messages that you choose.
  4. Special Theme Weeks: There doesn’t always have to be a big sporting event going on, in order to raise funds. There could be a time where something happens in your community that happens suddenly. You don’t want to think about it but if tragedy strikes your town, t shirts can help to bring more money to this cause., a leading nonprofit software company, reported that 98 percent of parents stated their schools would have events to raise money. About 40 percent of these same parents stated that school fundraisers occur frequently.

In conclusion, t shirts can be used for many different fundraising activities. Homecoming events are always a time where school spirit will be very high. In addition, schools can have their own special spirit week that is separate from other school activities. Weekly sporting events are a great way to promote weekly fundraisers. You can also create specialized fundraisers that are custom to the specific needs of your community. Research shows that, in 2014, 1.4 billion people donated to non-profit organizations around the world.

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