From Vaping Batteries to Flavors, Here Are the Parts of the E Cig You Must Know About


By now, most people have heard of vaping, or using an electronic cigarette. Yet not many people know exactly how electronic cigarettes work, especially as they serve such an important role in quitting smoking for millions of Americans. Fortunately, although using an e cig sounds complicated to some, it’s actually a fairly straightforward process, especially for adults using disposable electronic cigarettes. Here are some of the basics on e cigs, starting with the parts of these devices:

  • Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece of the e cig is what users “puff” on. These are sometimes connected to a disposable e cigarette already, whereas users of rechargeable electronic cigarettes (also called rechargeable vapor pens) may swap theirs out with different colors. For the most part, mouthpieces are made with silicone or similar materials.
  • Vaping Cartridges and Cartomizers: Vaping cartridges are often combined with a part known as the atomizer to form the cartomizer. This section of the e cig holds e liquid, which becomes vapor when the substance is heated up. These parts aren’t self-powered, though: they rely on their vaping batteries to help the coils or atomizers heat up.
  • E Liquid: E liquid is a substance made from propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, which is then combined with flavoring and varying amounts of nicotine. When it is heated in the cartridge, it turns into a vapor, which exits through the e cig’s end. Today there are likely close to 10,000 different vaping flavors for sale if going by estimates from last year.
  • Vaping Batteries: Vaping batteries are most often lithium ion for rechargeable models, so they can be used again and again. Most e cigs will only have one battery in them. Disposable e cigs might use rechargeable batteries if they have cartridges that can be changed, but most do not. The vapor exits through a pass through at the end of the e cig’s battery.

Have more questions about how e cigs work? Make sure to talk to a vendor of electronic cigarettes. You can leave a comment with general questions or tell us what you like best about using your e cig.

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