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Giving a gift that lasts forever requires a gift to be impervious to the elements of nature. Stones can be engraved with a personalized message, and they are impervious to the elements. Customized stones are often used for garden art and garden decorations. Finding companies that specialize in personalized garden art can be easily found on the web. A 100,000 year old stone that has around 23 engraved lines is known as the world’s oldest object ever engraved. In addition to garden art, personalized engraved stones can also be used as address markers and welcome signs. During the 1970s, Pet Rocks became a novelty item.

An advertising executive came up with the idea of Pet Rocks when finding out a lot of people complain about their pets and the maintenance they are associated with. River rocks are often used for garden accents and are considered perfect for engraving because they are smooth from years of water passage. Comparing companies that sell garden art and personalized engraved stones is highly encouraged. Not all companies selling stones for garden art provide engraving services. If you have a message or a design you would like to have engraved in stone, then shopping online is your best option.

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