Help Fund Programs that Benefit Military Families Make a Charitable Donation of Clothing

Where can i donate clothes

How many outfits do you currently own? Were you aware that the average woman in 1930 owned 9 outfits? Currently, that woman’s modern counterpart owns 30, which means a new outfit for every day of most months.

Chances are that you go through your closet on a regular basis to collect items to donate to charitable organizations such as The Military Order of the Purple Heart. If so, you are an important member of the 95.4%
of people in the United States that realize the importance of making some type of charitable contribution.

While many Americans do donate or recycle the clothing that they no longer wear, this just amounts to 15% of the population. Since it is easy to make a charitable donation, particularly when it can be conveniently picked up by GreenDrop, it’s unclear why more individuals don’t choose to do this.

When you and others like you make a charitable donation, these items are used to assist those in need and for program funding. Approximately 80% of the clothing that is donated in the United States is used for these purposes. The proceeds from the sale of these items at thrift stores make a significant different in funding these programs that assist military families and others in need.

Recent research indicates that every year, about 12 million tons of clothing and household textiles are thrown away rather than recycled or reused. This amounts to roughly 82 pounds of textile waste per person.

Since organizations such as The Military Order of the Purple Heart are also concerned with the environment, their efforts prevent textiles from ending up in the nation’s landfills. When you donate your clothing and household textiles, you are also making a positive contribution to the environment.

Once you have gone through your closets to collect items to donate to organizations that help military families, you can either drop them off or call for a charity pick up. You may also be inclined to let your friends and family know that you’re gathering items for donation. Chances are that they will be inspired to go through their items as well.

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