Five Tips That Will Make Your Next Clothing Donation a Breeze

Donating clothing to charity

Clothing donations can often feel like you’re taking the mess in your closet and making it worse before you make it better. But not only can you take solace in the fact that you’re doing a good deed, you can ease the burden that all of your drawers have to bear, and easier than you may think!

If you find yourself stumped when it comes to clothing donations, here are five tips that will make clearing out that closet a little bit easier.

Consider What You Wear

When sorting through your clothes, consider all of your options. First, ask yourself how many articles of one type of clothing you really need. Twenty t-shirts may be too many. Whether you’re clinging to too many baby and toddler clothes or clinging to that dress from that one high school dance, some things must go. Additionally, if a garment no longer fits you, it’s time to put it in the charitable donation pile.

Prepare Your Clothing

Not much has to be done in this area, but most clothing donation pick up locations don’t ask for more than a good wash. In addition, you should check all the pockets. Staff of charity stores are used to finding money, jewelry and other forgotten items. While they might do their best to return these items to you, often it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack knowing who owned the garment.

Look for Items That Will Help People

Charity organizations already have plenty of t-shirts to choose from, but donating jeans is important. Shoes are also fine to donate provided that they are in good condition and still wearable. There are an estimated 1.5 billion pairs of unworn or barely worn shoes are lying in closets, and there could be a pair or two in yours!

Pack Items in Suitable Containers

Containers that are suitable to pack donated items in include plastic garbage bags, unwanted totes and other bags. Baskets and boxes are also solid options.

Pick a Charity Pick Up

Before you go anywhere, make sure you know where you want to donate your clothing. Some charities provide services to different groups of people, and if you have a preference in location, make it known before you get in the car.

Donating clothing to charity is a great way to do a good deed, and to organize your closet. So the next time you’re cleaning, remember these five tips for clothing donations!

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