How Do I Create A Memorable T-Shirt For A School Fundraiser?

School sports apparel for fundraising

Everyone likes a good t shirt. You probably have a good few yourself rounding out your closet. Not only are they comfortable and simple to wear, they’re incredibly flexible and can be worn for a variety of different reasons. Need something basic for a meet-and-greet? Grab a t shirt. Looking to spread the word with some smart logos? You can’t go wrong with a nice shirt. For those that have a school t shirt fundraiser or some custom spirit wear to create in a limited time-span, the list below will get you down and dirty with the art of the shirt.

Keep these in mind and the team spirit store you visit will be hosting the next big thing!

Shirts Around The World

No matter the culture or event, shirts have a special place in everyone’s hearts. It’s estimated there are over two billion shirts sold around the world every single year. The United States, in particular, is a country that absolutely loves a good t shirt. Studies have shown nearly 60% of Americans claim to own more than 10 t shirts in their wardrobe. When you put that to hard numbers? That’s over one and a half billion!

All Sorts Of Functions

What’s a t shirt used for? A ton of things! The year 2014 saw over one billion people donating money to nonprofit organizations. T shirts are one of the most clever ways of promoting events and fundraisers, allowing people to spread awareness even as they look trendy. Around 70% of school fundraising sales are made through parents, students and volunteers. This is where a good school t shirt fundraiser comes in.

Fun Styles And Fun Memories

Worried your custom embroidery and apparel designs won’t hit their mark? Don’t be. A common adage when it comes to smart design is ‘less is more’. You don’t need to go overboard with a ton of colors or splashy illustrations. One to three colors is considered sufficient for nearly any design and a logo should emphasize shape over detail. Custom school shirts often have the school logo or mascot, but sometimes they feature original designs provided by students. Consider these tips when starting your school t shirt fundraiser.

Staying Trendy No Matter What

With technology and trends moving so fast, it can feel hard to keep pace. This is where statistics comes in. Turns out over 60% of Millennials much prefer to fundraiser through walking or cycling events — a t shirt can be a great way to promote while letting people get out in the open air. Another 70% of parents said they sell fundraising products to friends and co-workers. You’ll want to make sure you get a nice design that’ll turn heads no matter what!

How To Create The Ultimate T Shirt

Did you know the average product fundraiser will generate over $3,000 for schools and non-profits? Your school t shirt fundraiser is already off to a great start because you’ve been given a crash course on the art of the t shirt, what makes a strong design and what you should expect from your audience. Over $1 billion worth of field trips, computer labs and playground equipment were maid possible through the aid of fundraisers. How are you going to spread awareness and create some fun?

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