How Indoor Sparklers Open a World of Opportunities for Event Planners

Indoor sparklers

Since their creation in Ancient China, fireworks have been a staple of American entertainment customs. Americans spend millions of dollars on fireworks every year, with sparklers as some of the most popular and festive options. Although everyone knows about fireworks on the Fourth of July, some couples are finding new alternatives to integrate a little spark into their events.

Fourth of July

In 2014 Americans imported nearly $241 million worth of fireworks from China, making the Fourth of July one of the priciest national holidays behind Christmas and Halloween. Although most of the sales are for large pyrotechnic displays, the most popular choice for adults and children alike has got to be sparklers. A traditional sparkler consists of a stiff metal wire usually around 10 inches long with a thick caking of a slow-burning pyrotechnic composition dried on its end. Sparklers usually last for 45 seconds, although there are long lasting sparklers and long 36 inch sparklers to keep the fun going.

Wedding Sparklers

Today more and more couples are choosing to integrate sparklers into their wedding ceremonies, particularly evening ceremonies and receptions. Many planners choose 20 or 36 inch sparklers so that each guest only needs one sparkler. Although sparklers are relatively safe when it comes to fireworks, it is still advised that parental supervision be used with children under the age of 14. Those who plan on using sparklers for a wedding ceremony should order enough for at least 75% of guests in attendance, as some may not want to participate. Wedding sparklers come in a variety of colors and styles, including smokeless indoor sparklers. Indoor sparklers are safe for indoor use, as they do not start fires. If you’re thinking of a way to spice up the most important event of your life, why not consider using sparklers as a fun, bright way to start your new life together.

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