Are You looking to Give an Extra Sparkle to Your Wedding Ceremony?

Wedding sparklers

We all associate fireworks with celebrations and festivity, and sparklers for a wedding help to bring that spirit to your wedding as well. Asking guests to hold lighted sparklers for the send off or at any other significant moment helps to light up the occasion, bringing smiles to everyone’s faces. Sparklers for a wedding add just the right touch to the celebration.

Wedding sparklers and smiling faces
There’s something about fireworks and sparklers that appeals to the child in everyone. And the bright sparkly points of light carry a message of optimism and hope, which is perfect for a wedding celebration. And the smiling faces look great in photographs!
What’s the best time to light up the sparklers? Many people choose to do this for the send-off, creating a tunnel of light for the newly married couple to enter their future together. Other significant moments like the exchange of vows, or the cutting of the cake, or the first dance, can also be emphasized with lighted sparklers.

Using specially designed quality wedding sparklers
Old fashioned sparklers however are not suitable for use in a wedding ceremony, because of the smoke they give off. Traditional sparklers also burn quickly, running out in just 45 seconds, which is really not enough time to coordinate all guests.
Specially designed long lasting sparklers for weddings burn without giving off smoke, avoiding all the problems that can cause. You don’t need to worry about guests developing itchy eyes or coughing fits due to the sparklers.
Smokeless sparklers burn for a longer time, lasting up to four minutes. That’s enough time to coordinate all your guests, make sure that all sparklers are lighted, and to get some great pictures. Sparklers for a wedding are also specially designed with long handles, to make it easier for guests to hold. As with all fireworks, children using sparklers should be carefully supervised.

Planning ahead to use sparklers for a wedding
Wedding sparklers come in several different lengths, but the best ones to use are 20 or 36 inches in length. Sparklers can be chancy to light, so it’s a good idea to have enough matches on hand to help guests get the fireworks going. You could even plan to have specially designed matchboxes for the wedding, with the names of the couple and a decorative motif of logo.
Experienced wedding planners suggest letting your guests know in advance that you will be lighting sparklers, and also to give them some idea of the time. This helps them to be prepared at the right time, ensuring that everything will go off smoothly.

Using sparklers for a wedding makes your event a unique and memorable one. By turning guests into participants, you add to the positive energy of the event. And once the sparklers are lighted, they put smiles of everyone’s faces, creating unforgettable memories.

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