Using Wedding Sparklers for Your Wedding Day

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Weddings can be an exciting and memorable time. They require the couple to plan for many months, sometimes year. They allow the couple to celebrate their new marriage in a way that is unique and personalized to them. Couples are always looking for ways to match their weddings to their personalities. Fortunately, there are many options when it comes to creating a unique and memorable wedding event.

The main planning decisions should be decided before any smaller details are considered. It is important to book the ceremony and reception location, prior to anything else. Receptions locations tend to book very far in advance. If there is a special date or weekend that you want to get married, it is important to book it as early as possible. This generally requires a small deposit, but still gives you time to get a better count and to come up with the rest of the money. In fact, you may not be required to pay the remaining amount until a couple of weeks before the actual wedding date.

After the venue is secured, things like the wedding dress, bridal party and menu should be considered. Vendors should also be consulted and hired. Needed vendors may include DJ?s, photographers, videographers and the officiant for the ceremony. Couples can discuss unique ceremony or photograph options for their wedding. They can also plan the flowers and bridal party outfits around their individual preferences. The wedding dress is a great way to express individuality and to find something that matches the bride and her personality perfectly.

After the larger decisions are made and secured, the fun and more detail orientated part of the process begins. This is the point that allows the couple to personalize their wedding and to make the entire experience unique. An example of a unique and personalized wedding detail is using sparklers for a wedding.

Sparklers for a wedding can be entertaining, great for photos and unique. They can be a great way to send the couple off, either after their ceremony or after the reception. They are a great alternative to balloons, which can be bad for the environment and rice, which can be dangerous to animals outdoors. Sparklers for a wedding are becoming a popular trend for many of these reasons.

If the couple decides to use sparklers for a wedding, they need to consider the size and the type that will be used. There are both 20 inch sparklers and 36 inch sparklers available for wedding usage. Using long sparklers can prevent injury and accident from occurring. For weddings, 20 or 36 inch sparklers are ideal. The benefit of long sparklers is that each guest only needs one sparkler, needs to only light it once and there is a very long handle to hold.

The couple should also consider how many guests there will be and how many wedding sparklers they will need. Extras should always be ordered for ones that do not work properly or for guests that may need additional ones. It is also important to purchase quality wedding sparklers to ensure that they are safe and that they last for a long time. The classic type of sparkler consists of a stiff metal wire approximately 8 to 10 inches long that has been dipped in a thick batter of slow burning pyrotechnic composition and allowed to dry. A traditional sparkler lasts for approximately 45 seconds.

Weddings can be an exciting and fun thing to plan. It requires a lot of details and individual decisions, but they allow couples to individualize the experience and personalize all of the smaller details. A great way to create a unique decoration and experience to the wedding day is to include wedding sparklers. Wedding sparklers come in different sizes and different brands. It is important to have a quality brand that is long enough to be safe and to last long enough for each guest.

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