How Luxury Leather Belts Or Exotic Dress Shoes Can Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Exotic belts

What’s in an outfit? The answer may not be all that surprising. When’s the last time you considered what you were going to wear when going out on a date? How about in preparation for a job interview? A smart and appealing outfit performs many functions in modern society and, as a result, many find themselves giving their wardrobe an overhaul year after year. If you’ve found yourself gritting your teeth in frustration when trying to throw together an attractive yet simple get-up, luxury leather belts and artisan shoes have you covered. Combining old-fashioned sensibilities with a classy appearance, these accessories can complete any outfit and fit any occasion.

The Success Of Men’s Dress Shoes

Want to piece together a snappy outfit for an office party? How about a touch-up for a simple outfit when going out with friends? Men’s dress shoes enjoy a lot of flexibility and this has only become clearer with upcoming statistics. Men’s dress shoes account for an impressive 6% of the shoe market share, with designer footwear raking in a retail value sales growth of nearly 40% from 2009 to 2014. A nice pair of shoes go a long way and your closet will be better off with a classy pair or two to fall back on.

Choosing Your Ideal Dress Shoe

Which shoe suits you best? You’ve got a lot to choose from. Formal lace-up shoes are usually split into two different categories, the Derbies and the Oxfords, and both can complete just about any outfit. Exotic mens shoes, such as those with alligator skin or a unique design, can even give you a little extra panache for special occasions. If you’re concerned about just how long your artisan shoes or designer lace up shoes can last, fear not. There are a few tools you can use to get the most bang for your buck.

Taking Good Care Of Your Shoes

Your shoes don’t have to be a one-hit wonder. To take good care of your shoes you need to use a little common sense as well as some simple maintenance to extend their lifespan. Try to rotate your shoes at least every other day. Since footwear materials compress when you walk, rotating them gives them time to spring back to their usual shape. Shoe trees, as well, can keep your shoes healthy and in fine form. These help retain the shape of your shoe and will dry them out faster than if you simply put them on the floor.

Utilizing Other Day-To-Day Accessories

While exotic dress shoes are a perfect touch to any wardrobe, they certainly aren’t the only ones. Luxury leather belts can make any outfit pop and, because of their ease-of-use and bevy of patterns, have become one of the go-to items for many American adults. Studies have shown the average consumer will have at least four leather items on them at any one time, including luxury leather belts, formal shoes or wallets. Men’s luxury bags and small leather goods, as well, grew from 25% to 40% over the past few years. All in all, it’s the little things that leave the biggest impressions.

Creating The Ultimate Daily Wardrobe

There’s no reason not to go out looking your best. With so many materials, patterns and colors to choose from, luxury leather belts, exotic mens boots and artisan bags can give every outfit the touch-up it needs to shine. Shoe trees have been proven to extend the lifespan of classic dress shoes, while leather polish can be a brilliant addition for luxury leather belts or leather bags. Nearly 75 million people (or nearly 24% of the population) have invested regularly in dress accessories. Are you ready to be a part of the movement?

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