How Sea Glass Bracelets Can Get you Through the Long Winter

Sea glass bracelet designs

We are right in the middle of winter and many people are experiencing high snowfalls and freezing temperatures. Memories of sunshine and summer are long gone and it can be difficult to imagine the upcoming summer. Gifting a piece of the summer is a great reminder and can get anyone, even you, through this last stretch of the winter cold months.

Photo album of summer photographs
Create a photo album of your favorite summertime memories. Even making the photo album can be soothing in itself. Organize the memory book by summer, including a couple of your favorite trips in each year. Make sure you include activities that you did and foods that you ate. When you are feeling down about summer, you can go back through the book and imagine the upcoming summer season.

Keep a summertime journal
Keeping a journal during the summertime makes it even easier to look back on those great memories. Anytime you are feeling cold and down, you can simply pull out your journal and reminisce about the fun you had during the summer. If you want, you can even add photographs to this journal too. Including photos allows you to attach images to the memories that you wrote about.

Plan an upcoming summer vacation
What better way is there to get excited about the warm weather than to plan a vacation for next summer? Planning a vacation often takes many weeks, or even months, anyways. Getting a start now will renew your summer memories, while also getting you the best deal on your trip. Try to choose a place that you have not yet been. Research what the locals do and choose places that you cannot miss during your trip. The more that you plan, the more excited you will be and you will find that the last few months of the winter season fly by.

Purchase yourself a piece of the summer
What if you could carry a piece of the summer with you all year long? With bracelets made from sea glass, you can. Bracelets made from sea glass are a unique jewelry that comes from the glass on the beach. Depending on the pH levels of the water, you will get entirely different looking jewelry, making each piece extremely unique. pH levels for water range from 1 to 14 with 7 being neutral. pH levels below 7 are said to be acidic, and pH levels above 7 are said to be basic or alkaline. Seawater tends to have pH levels of at least 8, and freshwater bodies like lakes, streams, and ponds tend to have pH levels ranging from 6 to 8. You can get a different authentic sea glass charm from every body of water that you go to.

Some beaches are well known for their natural sea glass. However, over the past ten years, sea glass collecting has become more and more popular. Many popular sea glass beaches have been picked over and very little if any sea glass remains. It can still be fun to navigate the beaches in search of your own sea glass creations. However, if you are unable to find any, you can always purchase from a seller. There are many jewelry pieces to choose from in addition to bracelets made from sea glass. You might also decide to purchase earrings, necklaces, or a completely customizable sea glass bracelet. Homemade sea glass jewelry is beautiful and unique and will remind you of warmer days.

The winter seems to drag on forever. By the third month of snow and dark skies, it can get overwhelming and sad. Find ways to improve your mood by planning an upcoming summer vacation, reminiscing on your favorite memories from last summer, and wearing a piece of the sea with you at all times. Bracelets made from sea glass are sure to improve your winter blues.

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