How to Find Great Incontinence Mattress Covers

Does your child wet the bed? It’s a common problem, and it’s generally nothing to worry about unless your pediatrician says otherwise. You don’t have to live with worries about your child’s mattress, though. You can buy incontinence mattress covers to bring yourself peace of mind as your child goes through this phase.

The video on this page covers many different criteria you can look at when choosing incontinence mattress covers.

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For example, are you more worried about protecting the mattress or making sure your child’s bed feels as close to a normal bed as possible? Some mattress covers that block liquids can feel rubbery or make crinkling noises. These covers are typically extremely water resistant, but they simply don’t feel like sheets or bedding in general.

Many mattress covers for incontinence offer a middle-ground solution. They may absorb liquids well themselves and rely on a very thin less-effective moisture barrier. Some of these products may not prevent all moisture from leaking past them, but they will prevent extensive damage to the mattress. Make sure you read reviews from people who have had their protectors put to the test if you choose to go with one of these products.

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