Learn About the Advantages of Vaping with Rechargeable and Disposable E Cigarettes

E liquid tank

If you’ve heard about electronic cigarettes, or e cigs, but been reluctant to try them, there’s no better time to begin learning about this smoking alternative than now. However, cigarette smokers often find that they are faces with many choices regarding vaping — namely, which type of e cigarette to buy.

There are two types of e cigs that are popular on the market: disposable and rechargeable. Both have their own advantages, and ultimately making the decision to use one or the other is up to you. Here are the basics you need to know about each type of e cig:

Disposable E Cigarettes

Most users who are new to vaping will begin by using disposable e cigarettes. Disposable e cigs are a popular choice because they don’t need any refilling or recharging. They are ready to be used straight out of the box. One drawback to using disposable e cigarettes is that they are typically only available with tobacco and menthol flavored e liquid — that is, the substance used to produce vapor. However, these choices provide a sense of familiarity to users who have recently switched from smoking to vaping.

Rechargeable E Cigarettes

Perhaps the biggest benefit with rechargeable e cigarettes is that you can use the device again and again rather than having to recycle it when empty. Most new vaping kits come with a rechargeable e cigarette, e liquid, and a charger, so you can use vape again and again. This provides a huge cost savings, especially when compared to smoking cigarettes.

Another advantage of using rechargeable electronic cigarettes is that you can use just about any flavor you like. By purchasing e liquid refills, you can try all the different flavors that your local vape shop or favorite online vaping retailer has to offer. Most users, in fact, prefer the many different vaping flavors over tobacco by about a three-to-one margin. All you need to do is fill the cartridge or cartomizer with your favorite e liquid, make sure the battery is fully charged, and you’re ready to go.

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