Looking to Get Outside More? Try These Outdoor Activities

Archery shop

Outdoor gear accounts for a huge amount of sales every year. Just camping equipment racks up almost two million dollars in the United States annually, and that’s not counting revenue from gun shops, fishing equipment, adventure gear, or other equipment that sporting goods stores sell. Though any outdoor or adventure type activity can require specialized equipment, you’ll learn a fun (and potentially useful) new skill and get exercise while doing it. For example, if you take up archery, firing a bow will help develop muscles in almost all your muscle groups, such as your shoulders, chest, and back. (Plus, you’ll look pretty cool too!) There seems to be an increase in people looking to get into outdoor sports like rock climbing or archery, and hunting and fishing remain evergreen sports.

Why Should I Get Outside?
For Your Health!

Getting outside usually involves a measure of activity, which means you’re moving around. If you have a primarily sedentary job, this is good for your physical health. And if you have a job that you feel isn’t stimulating or creative, getting involved in outdoor sports can help you learn a new skill and let off some steam, improving your mental health.

For Your Appreciation of Nature!

Numerous studies have shown that being in nature helps improve mental and emotional health. Something about being surrounded by our natural environment is calming — and some might even say cleansing. You may find a new spot in your neighborhood or town that you didn’t know about before or rediscover old haunts.

For a Sense of Adventure!

Making an effort to get outside may also encourage you to seek out new spots or go somewhere different. And, you never know what you’ll start exploring once you’re out in the wild!

What Outdoor Activities Should I Try?
If you’re a little iffy about visiting gun shops or going fly fishing, no worries — there are plenty of other outdoor activities for you to try. Some of these you can even try indoors, to hone your skills, before setting out. For example, many gyms now have rock climbing walls and there are indoor archery ranges as well. This can be perfect for people who live in super urban areas, but who still want to try out a different kind of sport.

For those who love the water, scuba diving or paddle boarding might be something to try. Plenty of places offer lessons for beginners and depending on your vacation preferences, you may be able to further hone your skills every time you go away! This type of equipment also tends to be fairly portable, making them easy hobbies to pursue.

Don’t forget that hunting and fishing are always popular outdoor activities, though you’ll likely need to be certified to carry and handle a gun first if you go hunting. And, you should visit some gun shops, if you don’t already own one. This type of activity is also wonderful for bonding or to pass down as a family tradition.

Where Can I Find the Gear I Need?

Sporting goods stores will have a lot of what you need and you can visit their brick and mortar stores, or check out online retailers as well. They usually have a wide range of inventory at different price points.

For more specialized gear, such as guns or fishing poles, you may want to check out gun shops or other stores that deal exclusively with hunting or fishing. The same goes for paddle boards, scuba gear, or surfboards. You may be able to get some of the basics at a sporting good store, but you’ll want to find a store that handles those items specifically.

Don’t be afraid to explore the great outdoors this year! Visit your local sporting good store and see what’s in your area, and get out there!

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