Luxury Sport Watches Offer Form and Function

Sport watches

When it comes to casual watches for men, there are many different styles and types to choose from. The different styles include watches for varying occasions with different watch faces and different types of watch bands. No matter your taste and lifestyle, there is a watch out there for you.

Luxury sport watches are currently among the top sellers in the watch market. This style adds an element of sophistication luxury watches have to offer without sacrificing the function active men desire. Luxury sport watches, for example, tend to offer such features as more durable bands, a more enduring case, water resistance and water proof mechanics.

In addition to the sport features, which can include different features depending on for which sport they are designed, luxury sport watches also tend to include features from the luxury school, such as the date, weekday and even the lunar phase. Luxury watched also include bezels and polished metals for a classy, professional appearance.

Luxury sport watches offer features for both the dressy and active needs of the wearer. Many featuring ventilation holes to keep your wrist cool while active, many of which may include solid metal construction or a Swiss movement, typical to luxury designs.

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