New Neighbors? Moving Friends? Consider Welcome Stones

Housewarming gifts

Did you ever wonder what would make perfect housewarming gifts? Do you have a friend who just moved, or did someone move into your neighborhood? If so, you may wish to consider welcome stones. Welcome stones make the perfect gift, for they sear a sense of hospitality literally in stone. They remind all who enter that the house is open for anyone, and that the bearer is a warm, stable friend.

Writing messages onto stone, like with welcome stones, are among the oldest ways humans have to communicate sincere messages. Ancient Egyptians were among the first adopters of the practice, writing blessings or curses to all who entered their dwellings. The Celts of the British Isles and France continued this practice, and always included hearty greetings. To this day, their descendants, the Scots and Irish, use welcome stones everywhere, and are known as some of the most hospitable people on earth.

What make welcome stones so inviting? Part of it is the organic nature of the stone, with no clean cuts or edges. The Romans carved messages onto stones that resembled rectangles and other geometric shapes. Geometric shapes communicate authority and privilege, but separate the writer from the guest.

Welcome stones retain a shape found in nature, communicating a naturalness the owner has. Welcome stones do not look threatening or artificial, so they pose no threat to the eye. Carving the ancient greeting welcome onto them makes the stone more pleasing.

Another reason people like welcome stones is the association with nature. Modern urbanites and suburbanites are cut off from the joys of the forest, and can only find traces in their environment. Welcome stones remind them of nature, and the guest associates the owner with naturalness.

Welcome stones are some of the best housewarming gifts you can give. The words welcome give off a sense of hospitality that is literally set in stone, and cannot be altered. Given the pace of change in life, you and your friends want to be known as warm, inviting, and always there for someone else. Helpful info also found here.

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