Nike Air Max Making You Wish You Had More Feet

Nike shoes

Since their introduction in 1987, Nike Air Max shoes have been synonymous with comfort, functionality, and durability. They just also happen to be quite easy on the eyes.

Available in nearly every possible shade of color perceivable by the human eye, Air Max shoes have always been head turners. The vibrant combinations and wide range of palettes are also renowned for their ability to maintain their brightness over time. No matter what you throw at them, your Air max shoes will still be looking great.

Since the brand is aimed primarily at an active demographic of runners, basketball players, and the ever nebulous “cross trainers”, functionality is at the core of Air Max design. Each shoe has superb arch support, ventilation for those long sweaty runs around the lake, and reinforcement wherever it might be needed most (such as high on the ankles of a future NBA first round draft pick). And people who wear Nike shoes usually have something else to focus on besides being careful not to damage their footware. So strength and durability are built into every pair, freeing the mind to worry about your jump shot and not whether your heel might blow out.

Air Max shoes are designed to last. Despite their sleek fit and light as a feather feel, there is a sense of rock solid dependability every time you slip them on. You simply cannot help but want to jump and run once you lace them up.

But none of that attention to function has ever resulted in a compromise of style. The mere sight of Air Max shoes has been intimidating opponents for decades. Those trademark clear windows on the sides of the soles leave little doubt that the feet inside are ready to move, that the mind attached is focused and determined to win, and that everyone on the court or on the track better be ready to step it up a notch. Because the wearers are here to play. And they will look good doing it.

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