Nursing Facilities vs. Assisted Living?

When looking for somewhere to retire, there are many choices. The issue is, everyone has different experiences and needs. Two of the most common places for elderly care are nursing facilities and assisted living. What is the difference between assisted living facilities and nursing facilities?

Nursing facilities are more catered towards helping folks who need the help. For instance, if a patient has dementia and needs help navigating throughout the day, then a nursing facility may be the correct fit.

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Typically this is not like elderly day care, where the residents come and go as they please. Typically if these elderly get lost, it may be difficult for them to find their way back. Assisted living on the other hand is more similar to an adult day care center. The idea is that these residents for the most part can function on their own without assistance. So the only assistance they’re looking for is someone to provide them with food, cleaning services, and amenities for comfort. Both of these types of facilities have their pros and cons, but they are both trying to help the elderly find comfort in their lives.

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