Pink Camo Boots are Hitting the Runways

Urban camouflage clothing

Most of us have seen camo worn in the traditional hunting or military attire. We may have also seen that popular reality show about duck hunters who favor camouflage as everyday wear. However, we probably have not seen these hunters wearing something like pink camo boots. OK, you can stop laughing at the idea of those grizzled hunters stomping around the swamps of Louisiana in pink camo boots.

You may have, however, seen these pink camo boots being worn on the feet of fashionable women. Camo has become increasingly popular as a fashion statement. Camouflage was first developed during the 19th century for the military as the accuracy and power of firearms increased. In 1942, artists Jacques Villon and Grant Wood created that patterns that were widely used for camouflage by the United States military. During the Gulf War, American troops wore camo nicknamed “chocolate chip” and “cookie dough” to blend in with the desert surroundings. Currently the most popular pattern of camouflage in the United States is called the U.S. Woodland pattern.

While camouflage may still be used in the military, you can find all sorts of other fashions including those pink camo boots. You can pair some camo clothing for women such as vests with those pink camo boots. How about wearing pink camo boots as part of your camo wedding. Yes, many people are choosing this interesting them for their weddings. They are wearing camo formal wear, including those lovely pink camo boots to make their event very unique.

In addition to pink camo boots, people are choosing accessories such as camo bedding sets to set their bedrooms apart from the crowd. There are camo bathing suits that can be seen at the beach or pool. You can even see pink camo baby clothes, including tiny pink camo boots.

If you are looking for a great fashion statement, all you need to do is include some boldly colored camo patterns. You can find all sorts of options at many retail stores and online. While these items such as pink camo boots will probably not let you blend it, they will definitely give you an individual fashion style.
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