Put Your Message on a T-Shirt and Get it Out There!

Custom tee shirt maker

Are you looking for quality T-shirts for printing a message or logo? Perhaps you’d also like to have a custom promotional tote bag to go with it. You might want to include a few promotional towels to make your campaign package or event complete.

Whether you want these custom items for a grand opening, a special event, to reward regular customers, or to celebrate a special occasion, they are an excellent way to get your brand and message noticed. These are also practical items that people will actually use, thus further spreading your brand and message.

When these promotional materials are made out of cotton, they tend to be even more popular. Were you aware that 85 countries and 55 export their cotton? The United States actually produces the second highest yield of cotton, and is the largest exporter. On an annual basis 29 million tons of cotton are actually produced.

That’s a lot of T-shirts, and Americans definitely love their cotton T-shirts. Approximately 95% of people in the United States wear them on a regular basis. A recent poll showed that 54% of women in the United States have more than ten T-shirts compared to 70% of men.

Furthermore, many people have sentimental attachments to at least one of their T-shirts, and will keep them, regardless of their condition. In fact, 9-out-of-10 people in the United States refuse to throw away T-shirts with sentimental value.

From 2009-to-2014, the promotional clothing and accessories industry grew over 24.2%. In 2011 alone, promotional products, including T-shirts, had revenues of $18.5 billion. In 2012, for example, the largest product sales were wearable items that included T-shirts, golf shirts, caps, and jackets.

When you’re planning your next advertising and marketing campaign, you want an effective way in which to promote your products and services. Choosing wearable items appear to be one of the more successful mediums with which to communicate your message.

With screen printing, you can have your logo or message compressed into promotional towels, promotional T-shirts, and other items. When people love and respect your brand, they will definitely sport it when they’re engaged in day-to-day activities. More. Find more on this topic here.

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