What the Heck Is a Compressed Tee?

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Tee shirts are arguably one of the most important parts of an American’s wardrobe. Consider the fact that not only do virtually all Americans (95%) wear tee shirts–and the fact that 70% of American men and 54% of American women own more than 10 tee shirts–but nine out of 10 Americans have at least one tee shirt that they won’t throw away because of its sentimental value.

This is why custom print tees make for such great promotional items. They’re an almost guaranteed success, because virtually everyone loves them.

That being said, just about any and every company that has a promotional event will get tee shirts printed. It’s tough to stand out when you give away the same thing everyone else is, which is exactly why compressed tee shirts are becoming increasingly popular.

Compressed tees are the same exact promotional apparel that a business would otherwise be giving away, but packaged uniquely. Basically, the printer compresses the shirts in a specifically shaped mold. Then, the compressed tees are packed in plastic with an insert card, and are then ready to be given away.

What’s interesting about compressed tees is that the shape they’re compressed into is up to the client. Say for example a music store wanted to give away compressed tees with every instrument they sell during a particular sale. They could have the custom print services compress their shirts down into the shape of a guitar, with an insert card that depicts a guitar so it really looks like a mini instrument.

There are several advantages of such promotional items. First of all, compressed tees are uncommon, which means they’ll get people’s attention and interest easier. Thusly, they’ll have a bigger marketing impact. Secondly they’re easier to store. Regular shirts can get unfolded and wrinkled, making them less desirable. Compressed tees on the other hand will remain in their one, unique shape until removed from the packaging. Thirdly, the insert card ensures that the recipient has the company’s contact info, increasing the chance for repeat business.

And that’s just to name a few. Instead of doing what everyone else is doing, why not stand out? Offer people something cool–something different–at your next promotion. If you have any questions about compressed tees, feel free to ask in the comments. Reference links.

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