Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes vs Rechargeable Vapor Pens Which One Is Right for You?

Vaping history

When most people begin using electronic cigarettes over tobacco, they often choose disposable e cigarettes to give them an experience most similar to smoking. By the time they’re done using an e cig, they are able to replace it altogether or simply swap out a cartridge. Yet this process can be wasteful in the long run for people who would like something more cost effective when they vape.

In order to get more out of vapor cigarettes, many vaping enthusiasts will turn to rechargeable electronic cigarettes to fill that need. What they tend to not know, especially if they are new to vaping, is that there is more than one kind of rechargeable e cig on the market. In fact, there are also products known as rechargeable vapor pens, or vapes, that can deliver a greater “throat hit” and an experience that is even closer to smoking than using a typical e cig.

If you’re considering upgrading your e cigs to a rechargeable model, here is what you should know about rechargeable electronic cigarettes and rechargeable vapor pens:

Rechargeable electronic cigarettes are made, like disposable devices, to look more like “analog” cigarettes. They come in solid colors, and while some may look like cigarettes, others can be ordered in just about all colors of the rainbow. In order to recharge, they can be connected to a USB port and/or a wall charger, similar to those found with smartphones. A distinct advantage of a rechargeable model is that it can be refilled with any type of e liquid to allow the user to try a variety of flavors.

Rechargeable vapor pens are designed to look less like cigarettes and look more cigar-sized in general (or, as the name implies, like an ornate pen). They often contain clear cartomizers, which have a window that allows you to view the e liquid inside. This is helpful in letting users know when they will need to replace the nicotine liquid inside the vapor pen. They also differ in that they tend to produce more vapor than a standard e cig. Like rechargeable e cigs, they also charge through USB ports and wall chargers and can be refilled with just about any e liquid.

If you would like to know more about e cigs and vapor pens, be sure to find a shop that sells these products or a reputable dealer online. You can also leave a comment below for further suggestions.

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