Rechargeable vs Disposable E Cigarettes Which One Is Right for You?

Rechargeable vapor pen

Have you tried vaping? Vaping is the use of an electronic cigarette, or e cig, and it’s becoming a growing movement among ex-smokers and recreational enthusiasts alike. Using vapor cigarettes is popular because of the choices presented to the user in terms of brand varieties and the hundreds of vaping flavors for sale. These devices go beyond typical tobacco and menthol to suit any tastes, including fruit, candy, dessert, coffee, and spice flavors available. E cigs also lack the dangerous substances that appear in traditional tobacco cigarettes, and their “e liquid” can be made with any level of nicotine.

Yet many people who are new to vaping have trouble making sense of all the options they have. In addition to flavors, nicotine concentrations, and brand, they also have another choice to make: using rechargeable e cigarettes or using disposable e cigarettes. Each type of e cig has its advantages and disadvantages, but ultimately, the choice is up to the user.

Here is what every vaping newbie and/or enthusiast should know about rechargeable and disposable e cigarettes:

Disposable E Cigs
Disposable electronic cigarettes are often found in stores and online. They are made for use for a limited period of time only, which can vary from brand to brand but is often around the amount of time it would take someone to smoke one pack of cigarettes. Disposable e cigarettes may not be available in as many flavors as rechargeable varieties, but they are sometimes designed to look like a tobacco cigarette, which some users prefer. Although the name implies that they are thrown away, there are actually recycling efforts for these cigarettes, as they should not be thrown in the trash due to their batteries.

Rechargeable E Cigs
Rechargeable electronic cigarettes are created to charge through a wall charger and/or USB port. Their cartridges can typically be refilled with any variety of e cig flavor. The only drawback to this variety of e cig is that if it is not charges, the battery can run out. Keeping it charged when not in use will help keep it ready for the user. These e cigs will last as long as their e liquid lasts, but the cartridge or cartomizer (cartridge + atomizer) is easily refilled.

Have more questions? Do some research into the varieties available, and ask others in the vaping community what they prefer. You can also leave a comment below for more information. References:

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