Reuters Poll Says 10% of Americans Vape with Rechargeable and Disposable E Cigarettes

Disposable e cigs

A recent study from Reuters/Ipsos has revealed that 10% of Americans are vaping. What is vaping? Simply put, it’s the use of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers, which are quickly catching up as an alternative to smoking.

The recent findings reveal that nearly four times as many Americans vape as the U.S. government previously estimated in 2013 (about 2.6%). Another estimate from last year assumed that around 4 million Americans vaped, according to the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association. The 10% figure resulted from an online survey conducted by Reuters and Ipsos between May 19 and June 4, which had 5,679 respondents. People who vape tend to use one of two types of e cigarettes: either rechargable e cigarettes and vape pens or vaporizers, which can be refilled and reused again and again, or disposable e cigarettes, which can only be used for a limited time.

However, the survey also revealed that some vape users are loathe to give up traditional cigarettes and use them in conjunction with rechargeable and disposable e cigarettes. While this could point to a worrying trend, as smoking-related illnesses affect about 8.6 million Americans. However, it could also be a good thing: like cigarettes, e cigs can deliver nicotine to users if they desire it. They can also choose how much nicotine they would like, whether zero or low concentrations or extra strength nicotine levels.

The trend also comes down to the types of e cigs that users can purchase today, especially as more and more brands enter the marketplace. For newer users, disposable e cigarettes are often easier to use because they don’t require any refilling or recharging. They generally last about the same length of time that an entire pack of cigarettes would, and some allow users to change the cartridge and flavoring. Rechargeable e cigarettes and rechargeable vapor pens allow users to fill the e cigs with any flavor; they need charging on a USB port or wall charger, but they can be used an infinite number of times with a bit of maintenance. In addition to the devices themselves, there are thousands of e liquids or vaping flavors for sale from hundreds of brands.

Vaping doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, and it’s especially popular with the younger generation. Fifteen percent of those polled were under age 40, compared with 18.8% of smokers who are between 18 and 24 and 201.% who are between 25 and 44. And smoking is currently on the decline while vaping is on the rise. This could reflect how more people are turning away from smoking to replace it with vaping.

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