Should You Try No-Tie Shoelaces?

They’re a fashion statement. They’re time-saving devices. They’re a safety feature for kids and adults who have a tendency to trip over trailing shoelaces. They’re awesome shoelaces that you don’t need to tie. From skateboarders to 5-year olds struggling with secure knots and the perils of trailing shoelaces, the future is finally here. And it looks knotless and tangle-free, with no-tie shoelaces that can fit every pair of sneakers you own.

A mixed blessing
Is the shoelace a help or hindrance? Ever since the first shoelace was threaded on to leather moccasins 5,500 years ago, people have been asking themselves this question. For thousands of years, kids and adults alike have struggled with shoelaces: learning to tie knots, to untie knots, to untangle laces, and to avoid falling flat on their faces when a shoelace suddenly breaks and trips them up.
With so many disasters major and minor just waiting to happen, it can be safely said that shoelaces have been someone of a mixed blessing for humanity. In fact, studies have shown that while 19% of kids between two and five years old, around the world, can use smartphones apps, only 9% can tie their shoelaces. And it’s not just kids who have this problem. Skateboarders risk serious injury if their shoelaces snap or come undone mid-maneuver.

No tie shoelaces are finally here
The next step in the evolution of well-fitting footwear is finally here. It takes the form of awesome shoelaces that don’t need to be tied at all. They can be used with your favorite sneakers, and actually make them fit better. And much easier to slip on and off. Tieless laces have quickly become a fashion statement, and many celebrities have been spotted wearing these awesome shoelaces on their sneakers.
No-tie sneaker laces come in many fashion colors, and they’re so easy to change that you can actually get a pair for every day of the week. But it’s not actually their look or fashion appeal that’s the most important thing about these unique shoelaces. The main story is actually about their convenience and safety.

How they work
Non-tie laces make your sneakers or other flat heeled casual footwear fit snugly, without the risk of having your laces come undone and trail dangerously. For everyone from five-year-olds to skateboarders to busy surgeons, that’s an important innovation. They turn sneakers and lace-ups into slip ons. Parents will also appreciate the convenience and safety.
These awesome shoelaces are modular and woven, making them secure and helping ensure a snug fit. They can be used with your favorite sneakers, and customized to match colors or to make a fashion statement. They can fit kids and adult sizes.

New no-tie shoelaces take the evolution of safe and comfortable footwear much further. These awesome shoelaces can fit every pair of sneakers you own, and make them fit more snugly than ever before. They essentially make your favorite sneakers slip ons, with the best of both worlds. That’s good news for five year olds and everyone who’s ever been traumatized by the intricacies of tying shoelaces and the dangers of trailing and broken laces.

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