Some Fresh New Ideas For Your Camo Collection

Camo bedding for boys

Okay, so maybe your pink camo hats from 1996 aren’t exactly the pinnacle of fashion. But camo has been making a serious comeback. (You can thank Duck Dynasty and its 6.3 million viewers for that!) It’s easy to edge up your wardrobe with these camouflage creations. Here are just a few ideas for how you can bring a little more attention to your wardrobe, without having to stand at attention!

  1. Camouflage Bathing Suits – With American women spending an average of $8 billion on swimsuits every year, it’s essential to get a little creative with the suits you pick. (Who wants to have the same bathing suit as everyone else?) Pair a camo bathing suit top with a pair of plain black bottoms for a look that’s as punk as it is fun!
  2. Camouflage Truck Accessories – Nothing says more about you than how you pimp your ride. Trick out your wheels with camo seat covers, camo steering wheel covers, camo decals, or maybe even a full camo paint job! (Just make sure people can still see you. …Get it?)
  3. Camouflage Baby Clothes – Let your little one make a big impression. Try a camo onesie with little dog tags, then hook the little angel up with some camouflage baby bedding. He’ll be the talk of the town- once he can talk, that is.
  4. Camouflage Party Supplies – What better way to celebrate your love for camo than to LITERALLY throw it a party. Break out the camo tablecloths, cups, plates, streamers, maybe even shot glasses… and raise a toast to the print that won’t quit.
  5. And last but not least…

  6. Camouflage Weddings – Celebrate your big day with the truest love of all: the love of camo. With camouflage wedding gowns, tuxes, shoes, cakes, and decorations all readily available to you, why WOULDN’T you join yourselves in holy camo matrimony? Shower yourself in the gift that keeps on giving. The gift of camo.

    So ditch the old pink camo hats and upgrade your camo game. There’s so much to choose from, careful that you don’t get lost in the woods.

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