The Importance of Protecting Your Eyes During a Solar Eclipse

Benefits of solar eclipse glasses

We put a lot of damage and strain on our eyes. We sit in front of computer screens for hours per day. We sit directly in front of the TV, sometimes all day long. Greater protection to our eyes can keep them in great shape, for a longer period of time. Even looking at the sun and specifically solar eclipses requires specialized protection gear. If you are an avid star gazer, or if you cannot wait to see the upcoming solar eclipse, remember to keep these safety precautions in mind.

Remember safe solar eclipse glasses
According to NASA, the only safe way to view an eclipse is through specially designed sun filters or number 14 welder?s glasses. Many are not away of the harmful and damaging rays that the suns solar eclipse can put off. The eclipse seems so far away. However, imagine staring directly into the sun for many minutes. Your eyes begin to get blurry and you have difficultly seeing anything else, even after removing your eyes from the sun. Safe solar eclipse glasses are the perfect solution because they allow you to safely see the solar eclipse, without blocking your clear view.

Be prepared
Perhaps the biggest reason that people are not properly protected for viewing the solar eclipse is because it does not come around very often. It has been 38 years since the last total solar eclipse that touched the mainland of the United States. Many people do not prepare and purchase solar viewing glasses ahead of time, because they do not know when they will have the chance to see it again. However, just because the solar eclipse does not fully land on the United States land very often, you can see partial parts of the solar eclipse. Ensure that you have a good pair of safe solar eclipse glasses ready for this amazing sight.

The effects of solar eclipse damage
If viewing the solar eclipse was entirely relatable to looking into the sun for a few moments, you would be recovered within minutes. Yet, the sun is much further away and is actually not as bright. You are likely to sustain much more damage to your eyes from a solar eclipse if you are not wearing safe solar eclipse glasses. In fact, recovering from solar retinopathy, or when solar radiation damages the retina, can take one month to one year. During this time, your eyes are likely to be very uncomfortable. Even glasses and contacts will not correct your vision during this repair time. Some types of damage may never fully recover. This is why a specialized pair of eclipse glasses is necessary.

Importance of protection in children and the elderly
Even if you choose not to protect your own eyes during a solar eclipse, it is extremely important to protect younger children and the elderly. Younger children have eyes that are still developing and too extreme of damage can permanently damage them. Many seniors already have vision problems, including blind spots and loss of vision. The solar eclipse can worsen their vision or can cause damage that cannot be repaired. Make sure you have the right types of solar eclipse glasses for your children and seniors.

Every single day, we cause some amount of damage to our eyes. Whether it is watching TV for too long or watching the upcoming solar eclipse, our eyes require specialized protection. A single solar eclipse can cause damage to the eyes that can either take a very long time to repair, or it might never fully repair. Children and the elderly are especially prone to extended or permanent damages. The benefits of solar eclipse glasses are that they allow you to experience the exciting solar eclipse, without causing extreme danger to the eyes.

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