The Joy of Sending Flowers

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The holiday season is upon us and what better way to welcome it in than with holiday bouquets! And, there is more to holiday flowers than just poinsettias, beautiful though they are! Festive centerpieces and lovely flowering plants are all part of what many florists have to offer this holiday season. And many florists offer inviting gift baskets as well, full of enchanting and enticing gifts. So whether it is holiday bouquets you choose to send to loved ones or that special flowering plant, flowers have power, good power!

For instance, it has been determined that 80 percent of Americans feel happy when they receive flowers and an even greater percent, 88, feel happy when they send them! And it should come as no surprise that 69 percent say that the sight and smell of flowers brighten their mood. So why not send holiday bouquets?

Sending holiday bouquets is a significant contribution to the happiness of others. Holiday flowers and holiday floral arrangements are always a welcome gift for anyone. In fact, 50 percent of all purchased holiday flower arrangements during the holiday season are for centerpieces and decorations for entertaining. And 50 percent of holiday flowers purchased are for host gifts or another type of gift giving.

However, floral bouquets for this holiday season are not the only holiday bouquets you need to have in mind. What about Mother?s Day? It?s a long way off but the amount of flowers and floral bouquets that are purchased for Mother?s Day constitute about one quarter of the floral business in America each year. And 35 percent of adults say they bought some type of flower for Mother?s Day. So, be ready!

And there is Father?s Day. Men like to receive flowers, too! It has been documented that 36 percent of women purchase flowers for their spouse, for anniversary days and for that red letter day, Valentine?s Day. Now that?s an event for the florists!

There are also birthdays to remember, all year long. What better way to say you care than a holiday bouquet on that day? And there is, of course, Thanksgiving and the fall, Easter and springtime, and even the sad occasions of expressing sympathy. Sometimes a funeral can be one of the best opportunities for the uplifting presence of flowers.

When you choose your florist for your gift, or for your own use, make sure you discuss the lifetime of the flower with the florist, and how that will affect the best delivery of your gift, if it is one, or for your entertaining.

This holiday season, or any holiday season, choose flower power. It?s one of the most positive things you can do.

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