The Power Design How Custom T Shirts Are Fueling a Revolution

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Business mogul and famed rapper Jay Z has been a silent supporter of nationwide protests following a grand jury’s declination to charge the Staten Island officer who placed Eric Garner in the chokehold that contributed to his death. The protests have sparked heated debates over police brutality as well as the rights of minorities.

While many celebrities, musicians, socialites and professional athletes have voiced their support, Jay Z has only recently become more vocal, even meeting with Governor Cuomo in order to discuss reforming the state’s legislation and justice system.

Kobe Byrant, LeBron James, and Deron Williams have all worn the now famous “I Can’t Breathe” — said to be Garner’s last words as he placed in the chokehold — custom print tees, however, Jay Z recently made a fashion and public statement of his own by reportedly ordering 1,000 of quality printed t shirts emblazoned with Garner’s last words. The t shirts have become so popular that t shirt printing services far from Staten Island, have started selling them in order to keep up with the demand.

Digital print tee shirts designs, like the one seen throughout the Garner protests, are commonly used as a protest platform, serving as a means of not only raising awareness, but also as a means of facilitating discussing regarding a sensitive topic. While social media has been paramount in the coordinating of protests, as well as serving as a news platform, digital print tee shirts designs have also contributed to the cause.

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