Three Casual Pieces of Western Fashion for Everyday Wear

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Do you love western wear but want to avoid looking like you’re headed to a rodeo? Today’s western fashion accessories and clothes are thankfully more diverse than just cowboy hats and bolo ties, and they can add a bit of flair to any look.

If you’re looking for accessories and clothes that aren’t too showy, try incorporating these casual options into your everyday look:

Western Style Caps: While the cowboy hat may be the most recognizable and quintessential western accessory, it’s not the only thing you can wear on your head that will show off your love for western style. Western style caps, like Hooey hats, can also help you express that interest as a more casual statement. These types of western style caps, which look like any other baseball hat, can also serve a practical purpose by keeping the sun out of your eyes on a hot day. This makes them a great option for a fun day out during the summer or a day of working outdoors for your job or at your home.

Designer Western Jeans: In terms of western style clothes, few things are more versatile than a good pair of jeans. Getting something cowboy-inspired is easy if you know where to look and which brand names to choose from. Common “western” features on jeans can include things like decorative stitching on the back pockets or seams. Western jeans also tend to be more reinforced through the legs because they are made for activities like horseback riding or ranch work.

T-Shirts: Finally, nothing completes a casual outfit like a good t-shirt. From novelty t-shirts with funny messages on them to shirts from popular western brand names, there are plenty of styles to choose from. Getting into western wear doesn’t mean having to wear button down shirts with blazers or other more formal or business casual styles. A t-shirt is the perfect complement to any casual outfit.

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