Four Things You Should Know Before Buying a Pair of Cowboy Boots

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Next to cowboy hats, cowboy boots are some of the most recognizable and widely worn western fashion accessories. Many people choose cowboy boots as a way to complement a cowboy-style outfit or to add western flair to a more basic look. However, buying a good pair of these versatile and stylish shoes may be easier said than done if you don’t know much about western wear.

Once you know what to look for, though, the search can be a lot easier. Here are four things you should know about buying western style boots:

Leather Quality

For the most part, cowboy boots are made from leather. Anything man-made typically won’t hold up to rough conditions or daily use. You’ll not only want to look at the quality of the materials but the type of leather, as well. Finished leather will have a shine to it; unfinished leather has a matte or worn-in appearance for a more rugged look. Both types of leather, however, require cleaning after wear and should be treated with polishes and other leather care products in order to prolong the life of those boots.


Not all cowboy boots are created equally. Western boots come in all heights and shapes, either high-cut or hovering around ankle length. Some have high heels; others are nearly flat. They also come in all different colors, and some even have unique patterns. Above style, however, should be comfort. Make sure that you can try the boots on if you’re buying them in-store. If you’re purchasing cowboy boots online, check the company’s return policy just in case you have problems with those shoes.

Brand Name

While brand isn’t everything, it can sometimes be a good predictor of whether or not you’ve purchased “authentic” cowboy boots. Popular names include brands like Ariat, Cinch, Tin Haul, and Tony Lama boots, but there other names out there that can provide the same great western style. If you encounter an unfamiliar name, do some research to see what other garments and accessories that brand creates.

Expensive doesn’t always mean the best, though. If you’re on a budget, buying western boots on sale may be the right answer for you. In some cases, you can find designer western boots on sale from a season or two ago that will look just as good as the latest styles. And don’t be afraid of exploring different brand names, either. Some discount cowboy boots may not have the same brand names that you’re used to, but if they have the right leather quality and style, you can still buy them.

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