Three Fun Holidays You Should Make Shirts to Celebrate

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Getting customized shirts is a great way to celebrate holidays like Independence Day, but why stick with just the mainstream celebrations? Why not design custom t-shirts for all the other colorful, oddball holidays that are out there?

Here are a few quirky holidays coming up in July that would be great to celebrate with custom screen printed shirts.

July 2 Is “I Forgot Day.”

Some days are well worth remembering, while others simply aren’t. Sadly, it’s usually the latter kind that we often remember more. However, on July 2, do your best to forget about all those bad times. While you’re at it, forget your stresses, your anxieties, your deadlines, your hangups, your fears, and your doubts, too! Just don’t forget to have shirt printing services make you a cool custom tee that lets everyone know you’re being particularly forgetful.

July 8 Is “Video Games Day.”

On July 8, you have every excuse to sit down, start a new game of Pokemon, Zelda, Final Fantasy, or whatever game may be your favorite, and just play through it until the end. Why not have shirt printing services make up a slew of cool tees with different characters on them to wear with your friends while you all indulge in the virtual world?

July 26 Is “All or Nothing Day.”

There are no gray areas on July 26. What you do that day will either make or break something you’re working on. It’s a day to pluck up your courage and go for broke. Whether it’s something you’ve been putting off, something you’ve been too nervous to do, or just a hobby you like to participate, it’s your time to go for broke. Just be sure to have shirt printing services make you a cool tee that’s lets everyone know you’re going all out that day.

Cheap custom shirt printing services can help you celebrate these quirky holidays with fun, one-of-a-kind t-shirts. Realistically, the only wrong way to celebrate these days is to not partake at all, but if you do decide to join in, ordering cool, custom apparel from shirt printing services will help make the festivities more fun.

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