Three Last Minute Wedding Tips You Won’t Be Sorry You Read

Wedding rehearsal venue

On average, the United States sees about 2 million weddings take place each year. For the most part, these sacred and joyous days go off without a hitch. But sometimes, the bride or groom might sweat it a bit too much, and make what was supposed to be a special and fun day an absolute disaster.
Luckily, we’ve provided a list of three tips to help prepare you for your wedding day. Man, woman, or any gender inbetween, wedding events can be stressful. We’re here to make things a little easier for you.

    1. Catch Some Z’s
      Weddings bring out the neurotic in all of us. That typically means that we sleep less, revel in our vices more, and generally make ourselves crazier than we need to. While it might seem like a relaxing thing to get plastered the night before your big day, resist!! After a nice dinner or rehearsal dinner, take a relaxing bubble bath, read a book, drinks LOTS of water, and hit the hay. Trust us, tomorrow will hold plenty of fun but for now, you’ll need your strength for the big day!

    2. The Wedding Rehearsal Matters
      To ensure things go as smoothly as possible during the wedding ceremony, a wedding rehearsal is essential. Try to have the rehearsal at the actual wedding venue, and make it fast! No offense, but it’s not like that anyone will want to go through your ceremony
      twice in 48 hours.

    3. Your Wedding is Not Your Marriage
      First of all, please remember this: no matter how your big day goes, know that the course of your wedding does NOT dictate the course of your entire marriage. Even the most smooth and magical of weddings can result in divorce only years later. What matters is that you enjoy the day for what it is, and soak of the love and support of your soon to be spouse and wedding guests.
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