Three Signs You’re Wearing the Wrong Sports Bra

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One of the hardest pieces of athletic clothing a woman has to shop for is a sports bra. These are even harder to buy than regular bras because they’re less familiar, they’re shapeless, and they don’t necessarily seem sized to fit. The trouble is, any woman who works out probably also needs a good sports bra for support and comfort. So, how do you know if you’re wearing the wrong one? Here are three signs you need to retire your sports bra and invest in some new ones.

1. It’s made out of cotton.
One indicator that you’re wearing the wrong sports bra is that it’s made of cotton. While it might feel comfortable and is a fabric you’re familiar with, this doesn’t mean that it’s the right fabric for athletic clothing or suitable for a sports bra. The best sports bra for running, cardio, or any other activity during which you’re going to sweat a lot doing is going to be made from the same material that sweat wicking clothing is.

2. If you need more than one.
Another sign that you’re wearing the wrong sports bra is if you need more than one. If you double up your bra before you go for a work out, then there’s something wrong with the one(s) you’re wearing. If you aren’t getting enough support, either the elastic in the bra is worn out or the size is too big. If you do find that you need additional support, multi strap sports bras might help in that department.

3. If it leaves marks.
This is true for regular bras as well, but if your sports bra is leaving marks or indentations in your skin, this is another sure sign that you’re wearing the wrong one. The band of a sports bra should be snug and supportive, but it shouldn’t dig into your skin. The straps shouldn’t dig into your shoulders, either. These are usually signs that the bra is too small. If you’re worried about losing so much weight your size will change, look into adjustable sports bras.

Do you see any of these signs that you’re wearing the wrong sports bra? Feel free to share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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