A Basic Guide to Shopping for Athletic Shorts

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There are a lot of options out there when it comes to athletic shorts for women. Though walking into a store packed with athletic apparel for women and trying to choose the right athletic clothing for you can seem overwhelming, the wide variety of styles that athletic shorts for women come in is actually an advantage.

No matter what your chosen sport or activity is, you’ll always be able to find fashionable activewear shorts that fit your lifestyle.

Whenever you’re shopping for athletic shorts for women, comfort should be a top priority. In a survey, consumers reported that the top three occasions to wear athletic apparel were hanging around the house, running errands, and going shopping. Only 7% wore athletic clothes strictly to work out. Buying shorts that are comfortable and versatile ensures that you’ll be able to get a lot of use out of them, at the gym and at home.

You also want to choose shorts that keep you comfortable while performing your chosen activity. There are different factors that affect comfort for different types of workouts.

For instance, shorts with four-way stretch fabrications are great for activities that include bending, running and jumping. They also tend to feature breathable mesh or perforated panels to increase air circulation when you work out.

Moisture management leggings and shorts come with the added bonus of sweat-wicking technology, which pulls perspiration away from your skin. Shorts that keep you dry during workouts are great for any kind of athlete, but they’re especially beneficial to athletes who exercise outdoors.

In addition to comfort, many workout shorts can keep wearers smelling great even after workouts. Antimicrobial fabric keeps odor-causing bacteria from growing, which means you feel fresh and clean even after a vigorous workout.

Workout shorts also come in different fits for different activities. Relaxed fits work well for basketball and running, and snug shorts work great for sports like volleyball and cycling.

Find shorts that work best for you and your regular workouts will get a lot more comfortable!
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