3 Unlikely Upsides to Exercise

Yoga workout clothes

Fit People enjoy a myriad of advantages. They look great in their clothes. They feel spry and ready to take on challenges. They are met with respect and confidence by other people, both fit and inactive. Most people don’t need a single extra reason that they should get their bodies moving. However, in case you are that one person who isn’t quite sold on the fit lifestyle: this is for you. Three of the lesser-spoken of advantages to being fit.
A New Side to Your Wardrobe
Ever feel frumpy in your home loungewear? Fit people don’t. In fact, about 85% of consumers report that they wear athletic apparel around the house, when the run errands and when they shop. In fact, juts 7% say that their workout clothes are exclusively meant for working out. Think of how much easier it would be maneuver around the grocery store in adjustable sports bras and yoga pants. Athletic apparel and accessories for women are increasingly stylish and consistently comfortable. If you stay fit, you’ll presumably also have a fun lounging “athleisure wear” to sport while you do house chores or shopping.
Money Savings
Alright, it might not seem this way at first. Once you’ve bought a gym membership and paid the $500 to $999 on women’s activewear that many households spend in 2014, it appears that being fit is very expensive. However, that’s a shortsighted viewpoint. A CDC analysis says that individuals who are physically active have much lower annual direct medical costs. In fact, if people were more active, the CDC projects that it would save the United States $70 Billion.
Directional Knowledge
It should come as no surprise that those who run around their neighbors are more knowledgable about what is in their community. They know about small hidden gems like parks or wooded areas. They see when new businesses pop up and get an idea of which blocks to avoid. Running and being fit helps you understand your own body as well as the community where that body functions.
It’s hard to carve out time to get fit and budget to buy adjustable sports bras, high compression yoga pants and all the other work out essentials for women. However, the choice now could mean big dividends later. Find out more here.

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