Three Tips to Help You Make the Best Custom Work Shirts Possible

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Shirt printing companies can help businesses outfit their employees with professional, comfortable, cheap custom shirts and custom sweatshirts. What most owners don’t necessarily realize, though, is that these customized shirts are a reflection of their business. The more professional the custom work shirts look, the more professional the business will appear.

If you’re a business owner looking to make customized shirts for your employees, here are a few things worth considering so that you can make the best custom work shirts possible.

1. The Blank.

The first thing about making great custom work shirts is to start with–of course–a great shirt. The apparel industry refers to this as “the blank.” Think about what your favorite shirt for work is like. Is it durable? Is it comfortable? Is it loose or form fitting? What’s the fabric like? Does it have a specific cut and color that you really enjoy? If you changed even one of those things, then it probably wouldn’t be your favorite shirt anymore, would it? Paying the extra money for higher quality custom work shirts is going to be worth it in the long run.

2. Don’t Make a Billboard.

Remember: you’re making custom work shirt for your employees to wear on the job–not billboards. While your customized shirts can definitely help market your business, don’t forget their primary function, which is to to identify your employees to customers. Your custom work shirts should only be 10% promotional material, and 90% work attire.

3. Collaborate With Your Screen Printer.

You’re a professional in your field–no doubt about it–just the same way that screen printers are professionals in their own industries. They have the knowledge and experience you lack. They can tell you whether your ideas will work or not, and can also offer suggestions to further improve your custom work shirts. Don’t just hand the design off with your order and hope for things to come out well. Work with the printer, and you’ll get a better product than you could have ever hoped for.

If you keep these tips in mind, your employees’ attire will represent your company in the best way possible. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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