Three Tips to Keep in Mind When Shopping Around for Wrist Watches

Womens sports watch

If you’ve paid attention to new tech innovations in the past few years or so, you’ve no doubt taken notice of the prominence smartwatches are beginning to take on in the market. Yes, you read that correctly — smartwatches. They’re like smartphones but, you know, worn on the wrist. They perform many of the same functions as our favorite Apple and Android devices, including voice calling, text and email functions as well as playing and storing music.

However, if you’re like the 430 million people in the world who purchased smartphones in 2011 alone, you already have a dependable device that you rely on. What you likely don’t have is a dependable wrist watch. Classy timepieces, especially luxury wrist watches, have never gone out of style, which is why tech companies like Sony, Pebble and Samsung are building the latest ones with smartphone capabilities.

But as Bob Dylan said, “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” He’s right, and you certainly don’t need a smartwatch (and all its fancy gimmicks) just to tell you what time it is. With all that in mind, here’s a quick list of the most popular sport watches, casual watches and dress watches for men today.

1. Simple always means better.

In our innovation-obsessed culture, can the term “simplify” be uttered too often? The answer is no, and as GQ suggests, anything that goes beyond the watch’s initial timekeeping function is a “complication” and should be discarded. That doesn’t mean you have to go chasing older styles (unless you want to). Plenty of contemporary watches only serve one purpose — keeping time — and that’s all a good watch has to do.

2. Stainless steel matches everything.

OK, so we may have exaggerated a bit. A good watch should also impress, and the quickest way to do that is through a strikingly stylish aesthetic. Stainless steel has become a top choice because of its versatility with outfit coordination as well as its durability. Black, brown, gold — who needs them? Silverish steel is the only hue you need on your wrist.

3. Save up now to go big later.

Can’t afford straight-from-the-vendor luxury wrist watches
? Of course you can; it just might take you a few years to get there. There’s nothing wrong with saving up for that special timepiece, especially when that timepiece isn’t bogged down by all the frivolous wrist watch features you’d find on a digitized machine. Treat your watch as a congratulatory gift for making it.

Now you’re a pro at shopping for luxury wrist watches. There’s no pressure — take your time and choose the one that speaks to you. After all, a new wrist watch is a big commitment. You have to ensure everything is in its right place before you slip it on. Find out more here.

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