Three Ways to Beat the Winter Blues This Season

Facial mask sheet

Our skin takes a beating during the winter, and as the weather gets colder and drier, all of our efforts to moisturize, reduce wrinkles and give skin a healthy glow seem to have been a waste. While it would be nice to make trips to the spa once a week to rejuvenate skin, this doesn’t fit into most people’s budget. Luckily, there are plenty of DIY techniques that can turn your home into a total spa experience. Cloth face masks are a less expensive and easy way to return your face to its healthy, glowing state. These facial sheet masks are packed with nutrients and are better than creams at rejuvenation skin. Check out these different types of cloth face masks this winter to keep your skin feeling smooth and radiant:

  1. Anti Aging Face Mask – No one is happy to see the first signs of aging show on their face. Stubborn wrinkles and fine lines can be a nuisance to get rid of, but treating yourself to a healthy at-home anti aging mask every now and then can help skin retain its youthful look. Full of anti-aging nutrients, these cloth face masks help skin retain its elasticity to keep it looking young, healthy and wrinkle free.
  2. Hydrating Facial Mask – One of the biggest issues people suffer from over the winter is dry skin. The cold, dry air that comes with the winter season can take a toll on skin, leaving it dry, flaky and itchy. Often times, the moisturizing routines used during the rest of the year just won’t cut it over the winter. A nice hydrating facial mask is the best thing to help restore moisture to dry skin by replenishing it with hydrating and soothing nutrients. Relaxing with a moisturizing face mask a few times a week can keep skin from suffering throughout the winter.
  3. Skin Brightening Mask – Dryness is not the only effect the chilly winter weather has on skin. It can also leave skin looking and feeling dull. To get back a fresh look, try a natural skin brightening mask to give skin a healthy glow. These cloth face masks contain the proper nutrients to rejuvenate skin and leave skin feeling as radiant as ever.

Winter may be on its way, but that doesn’t mean that you or your skin have to suffer. These masks will leave you glowing when everyone else is suffering from the winter blues. Continue reading here:

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