Tips On Learning How To Sell A Diamond

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Interested in learning how to sell a diamond? You need to do your homework first. Diamond buyers aren’t always going to be in the know, after all, and will rely on you to help them choose the precious gem that will be in their family for generations. From their irreplaceable luster to their legendary durability, diamonds have become ingrained in Western consciousness for many, many decades. They’re romantic, they’re valuable and they’re one of the most frequently sought after items for collectors, artists and newlyweds year after year. Below is a little history refresher on diamonds alongside industry outlooks and tips on diamond exchanges.

The Origin Of Diamonds

The diamond is easily the hardest material on the planet. Because of this it has been recognized over the centuries for its beauty and durability both. Diamonds began to form inside the earth a stunning three billion years ago from the extreme heat and pressure, leading to many finds that have only been discovered this year. It’s estimated some 130 million carats of diamonds — the equivalent of 26,000 kilograms — are produced in mines around the world.

Western Diamond Industry

The Western diamond industry is one of the most consistently lucrative fields around. It’s estimated the United States produces over $13 billion worth of rough diamonds on a yearly basis, with around $8 million of that product coming from Africa. The value of diamond jewelry sold each year has reached $72 billion, which includes the cost of diamonds, precious metals and similar gems alike. One of the most prevalent results of this constant success are the wide variety of crafts available.

Uses Of Diamonds

What are diamonds used for? The most popular element involving this legendary gemstone is the act of marriage — the diamond’s combination of hardiness and beauty has long since been considered the perfect metaphor for the union between two individuals. Ongoing studies have been conducted to analyze marriage and proposal trends in the American population, with some interesting results. Studies have shown 40% of women prefer a 12 to 18 month engagement whereas only half of that many men feel it’s an ideal timeframe. Contrary to popular belief, only 3% of women want their engagement to take place in front of a large crowd of people.

Responsible Businesses

To sell a diamond is to be aware of responsible business practices and the needs of the consumer. More and more businesses are turning to ethical practices in order to cultivate safe and effective environments for the sales of diamonds. A recent study found 80% of millennials believe it’s important to purchase jewelry from a responsible source, compared to the national average of 65%. Both genders have consistently been positive about lab created diamonds compared to older generations — over 80% of millennials feel either neutral or happy about the idea of lab grown diamonds.

Learning To Sell A Diamond

If you want to sell diamond jewelry you need to be aware of the state of the industry, ongoing trends and, most importantly, what a diamond means to people. Beloved since ancient times, the diamond won’t be falling out of favor any time soon. This precious stone is used in a variety of different techniques and crafts — earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and sculpture are but a few of the elegant results that come from this stone and create the worldwide diamond exchange. Global diamond jewelry sales are only continuing to grow, increasing three-fold in the past 25 years and worth an excess of $72 billion on a yearly basis. With a little research and passion, this burgeoning career field could be your calling.

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