What Determines Cost on Jewelry Repairs?

If you have a piece of jewelry that is special to you and in need of repair, you should consider bringing it into a shop. Each repair job will be unique and therefore priced differently. If you wish to understand more about jewelry repairs and how price is determined, follow along with this video!

The first thing that determines price is how many claws surround a stone. If more than one claw needs to be fixed, all claws will get done for aesthetic purposes.

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The material also impacts price. For example, silver is the least expensive material, then comes gold, with platinum being the costliest. Size also matters in these instances. The bigger the diamond, the more rare the material is and the higher the price.

Another thing to contemplate is how much damage there is. Regardless of how much material is applied or fixed, there still may be a lot of time invested into making the piece look brand new again. The more wear and tear on a ring, the higher the bill.

Some stones can withstand the heat that is needed to fix a metal while others, like opal or garnet, will break or change color. Removing the stones to protect them from the needed heat, adds to the bill as well. Depending on the type of damage, specific tools may be needed to fix unique cases, and buying the tool will also be included in an estimate.


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