What You Need to Know About Repairing Your Sunglasses

Oakley lenses replacement

Can you fix scratched sunglasses or are they simply done for?

It’s a question that’s plagued dozens of beachgoers, hikers, explorers and outdoor travelers across the world for ages. Or at least since the early 20th century when ultraviolet lenses were first added to sunnies everywhere. Truth be told, sunglasses date back to prehistoric times — even Inuit cultures used flattened walrus ivory to shield their eyes from the intense glare of the sun off surrounding snow piles.

But when lenses began to play a big part in the ocular protection scene, sunnies became the go-to option both practically and stylistically. And when they’re not properly protected, your eyes can become seriously damaged from prolonged UV exposure. (Cancer and cataracts are two common ailments of the eyes.) If you carry your favorite pair of sunglasses around with you wherever you go, you’re bound to encounter some nicks, smudges and scratches from time to time. So the question remains: Can you fix scratched sunglasses?

The answer is yes, and you have a couple different options for doing so.

The DIY Method

A quick web search will help you find the most cost-effective ways to buff up any old pair of sunnies. But understanding how to fix scratched sunglasses lenses is 100% necessary before you impulsively dive into it, ruining your favorite pair in the process. You’ll discover plenty of interesting at-home remedies (including wood cleaner, silver or brass polish, non-abrasive toothpaste and standard baking soda), though their effectiveness is a total crap shoot. It’s economical, but still: Proceed with caution.

The Professional Method

Proud sunnies sporters have a hard time admitting defeat, which is why lots of them don’t ever want to take their pair into a professional cleaner. But when it’s do or die (in terms of your favorite pair), it’s worth it to sometimes admit you can’t simply fix it yourself. In fact, how to fix sunglasses is an art form, and no one does it better than the lens-cleaning experts at a local shop. Or, if there’s not one near you, look online for the best service you can find.

Of course, there always comes a point where you just have to call a spade a spade. Sometimes, it’s better to learn how to replace sunglass lenses altogether than keep trying to repair them. When that time comes, a job like that is nearly always better performed by a trained professional. You know, for the sake of your sunnies.

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