Where to Find Replicas of Designer Furniture

Noguchi coffee table

Inflated sale prices tandem with subprime mortgages led to a decrease in home values in 2006 and 2007. As such, many homes fell prey to this housing bubble as soon as home values stabilized back to normal and homeowners found themselves upside down (owing more on their mortgage than their home was actually worth). In fact, the housing bubble led to more foreclosures than the country had ever experienced before: nationwide, these record breaking foreclosures surpassed three million. As a result, many household budgets focused solely on necessities, and put certain things, like home improvements and home remodeling on the back burner. That being said, the home remodeling and redecorating industry is beginning to see the light again.

A growing trend in home furnishings are replica furniture that are reminiscent of other eras. Designer chairs, such as ghost chairs and Eames lounge chair redesigns, are modeled after the Louis XVI chair and mid century aesthetic, respectively. The Eames lounge chair, which is made of molded plywood and leather, was introduced in 1956 and its design serves as the template for many contemporary designs today. Speaking of mid century, other early to mid 20th century styles are seeing a resurgence, too, such as the Tolix stool. Tolix chairs and the Tolix stool, in case you did not know, were the first galavanized steel furniture used in France. The Tolix stool was commonplace in Parisian cafes and bars due to their durability. In addition to mid century pieces like the Tolix stool, a Noguchi coffee table (which was modernist for its time) is also a much sought after accoutrement to many interior design endeavors due to its clean, simple lines.

Accurate replicas of furniture such as the Tolix stool, Noguchi tables, and Eames chairs and ottomans, can be located via many online furniture vendors. It is important to note that if you are seeking designer replicas, such as the Tolix stool, you should only purchase from authentic dealers of the product. Reference links.

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