Why Sterling Silver Is A Shining Star In The Jewelry Industry

What Is “Sterling Silver”?

Sterling silver is considered a standard in fine jewelry and a hallmark of fine arts through history, yet many do not understand why. Sterling silver is an alloy of silver, commonly known as 925 silver from its weight of 92.5% pure silver. During the early 19th and 20th century silver was usually marked as “Sterling” or “925”. Sterling silver consists of silver and fine metals, usually copper which attributes to its strength, making it far less susceptible to tarnishing and scratches from heavy use, because pure silver is much too soft to create the items its best known for, jewelry, sterling trophies, and tableware.

The term originated in Europe as early as the 12th century during the reign of Henry II, the alloy was used as a standard in Trial of the Pryx until it was eventually deposited at the Royal Mint in 1843 for decommission. Although, the use of sterling silver dates to earlier times, its circulation as a government-issued coin throughout Europe solidified its association of sterling silver to money; nearly 14 different languages use the term “silver” and “money” interchangeably. The use of sterling silver was eventually introduced in colonial America as currency and found within everyday items, such as coffee pots and various tools. Silversmiths were a popular profession due to its abundance; early settlements heavily relied on the use of sterling silver. Silversmiths benefited significantly, they were able to wager prices by providing standard sterling silver and identified their pieces with a personal marker’s mark to promote their product as the highest quality.

Why Antique Silver is A Great Addition

Silver has a high market value, because of its composition, the two most precious, valuable metals in jewelry are typically alloys of silver and gold. The main reason why one might ask is because of its ability to withstand elemental factors and retain its polished look as if it were a brand new sterling trophy. As these metals age, they become far more valuable and desirable, not only because of appearance, but the different compositions sterling silver can have makes it a rarity. Antique silver is symbolic of status and wealthy, its addition creates a certain ambiance that is unable to be replicated by newer silver because it is a snapshot of history, a work of art that is meant to be displayed as such in cabinets alongside rows of priceless old Chinese silver or a sterling trophy to commemorate prior victories.

What Are Good Gift Ideas For Sterling Silver?

Surprising a loved one is always a precious moment one would want to cherish, choosing the right gift is an essential factor to make sure their reaction is unforgettable. When deciding a gift, it is imperative to take their personality into consideration. A lovely pure silver tea set might be a perfect addition to their collection, or a remarkable sterling silver ring, necklace, or even a sterling trophy to show your admiration. A picture frame made of sterling silver could symbolize an unbreakable bond in a friendship, or antique Chinese silver as a 16th wedding anniversary gift,
which symbolizes welcoming wealth, trustworthiness, and romance into a union. Whichever gift ideal you decide, the gift of sterling silver is one that does not fade from memory.

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