Why You Need To Get A Pair Of Cowboy Boots Already

Men western boots

Let’s face it, whether you live in the south or not, there’s a place in everyone’s closet for a few crucial items of western wear. A cowboy hat is easily one of the most popular western wear items to date. Know why? Because they’re stylish and they’re practical, the perfect combination. Who doesn’t look good in a cowboy hat? Even Ozzy Osbourne could pull one off. Another closet necessity is a solid pair of country western boots. Maybe you’re a smart worker bee and need a pair of ariat work boots to get a job done right? Maybe you’re going out on the town and want to dress up in a pair of tony lama boots? Perhaps you’re the hippest hipster ever and need that pair of vintage western boots or those western ankle boots to complete your latest ‘street style’ look inspired by western style clothes? Whatever the reason, taking care of your boots is a universal necessity.

Here are some tips. Ask yourself:

  1. What kind of leather are they? Unfinished leather looks worn in or matte while finished leather looks smooth and sometimes shiny. That way, when it comes to caring for them, you know what they’re supposed to look like.
  2. What if they get wet? Leather cowboy boots should air-dry naturally, obviously. Do not put your boots in the dryer or we will personally come rescue them and have you compose a written apology to the boot’s manufacturer.
  3. What if they get dirty or dull? Dirt and dust should be removed after each wear of cowboy boots. The more you clean them, the easier it is to sustain their gloriousness. If they get dull, and they will, because you will wear them all the time because they are so awesome, you can use a quick shine sponge to bring the natural luster of the leather back.

If you take the time to take good care your boots, they will last years. And we all know there’s nothing better than slipping your foot into the buttery worn leather of a good boot. So whether western style clothes are your thing or not, if you don’t have a pair already, you should probably get a pair of western style boots. Frankly, if you don’t have a pair, we aren’t sure we can be friends with you anymore.

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