You Will Never Smoke Another Cigarette After Reading This

E liquids

Since the downfall of the unhealthy cigarette, chances are you’ve seen the rise of a new kind of ‘smoke’ creator, the vapor cigarette. What you’re seeing is actually not billows of smoke but water vapor, a much healthier improvement from the 7,000 chemicals in cigarettes, 69 of which have been proven to cause cancer. Vaping also uses flavored e-liquid that produces a much better smell and flavor than regular tobacco. But why get started on a new alternative now when cigarettes seem so hard to replace?

Quitting Smoking Becomes Easier With E Cigarettes

According to a recent study, 60% of cigarette users found it easier to quit smoking by replacing it with vaping than they did with nicotine patches or gum. Another study in Belgium using e cigs found that 44% of participants had limited or eliminated their tobacco consumption completely. Finding a successful method of giving up tobacco consumption is extremely important, given that 8,600,000 people in the U.S. have developed some one serious illness as a side effect of smoking. That says nothing of second-hand smoke, which increases a nonsmoker’s risk of developing lung cancer by 20-30%. E liquid provides nicotine in very small (6-8 mg/ml) to medium (10-14 mg/ml) to very high (24-36 mg/ml) doses, though the smaller doses very often outsell the higher by a two to one margin.

Flavored E-Liquid Is Diverse, Plentiful and Smells Good!

Many people object to the strong smell of tobacco smoke, which can also stain and permeate fabrics. Flavored e-liquid is clean and has pleasant odor and taste. The New York Times claims more than 7,000 flavors currently exist with 250 or more being produced every month. The most popular vaping flavors is that of fruit, which is preferred by 31% of users, bakery and dessert usage makes up 19%, and spicy, savory flavors are 5%. The various different vape flavors provide a better taste for the user and smell for those nearby, a definite step up from the unpleasantness of tobacco.

No Longer a Niche Interest, Vaping Supplies Are Easy to Come By

The e-cigarette market used to be made of little more than no profits, but over the past 8 years it has ballooned out to $2.5 billion annually in sales. As estimated by The Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, an estimated 4 billion Americans use liquid e cigs. Because demand has increased so exponentially, so has the convenience in being able to purchase vaping supplies. With about 16,000 vape shops in the U.S. …increased from 10,000 last autumn- according to the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association, vaping is now as convenient a habit to adapt as smoking, if not more so!

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