Contact Lenses for Beginners

Are you looking to start using contacts? If you do want to use contacts, make sure to have the best contact lens. Having the best glasses is good, but when you want to go out without having frames on your face, contact lenses work great. Before you even try to put your contact lenses in, you should go to a doctor and get fitted for the contacts that will work with your eyes.

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You want to be at the eye doctors just in case the fitting is bad and you need to have it fixed on the spot. Once you have your contact lenses picked out, you need to wash your hands. There are millions of micro germs all over your hands and you don’t want any of those to go near your eye. Next, you open the lens container and pull out the lens using your pointer finger. Make sure to check the lens before you put it on your eye because you don’t want to scratch your eye. A fact most people don’t know actually is that with soft lenses, there is a correct side to apply to the eye. If you use the wrong side, the contact will want to slide around and will have a difficult time staying in place.

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